Talent Acqusition

Do you want the best in the market or on the market??

Not normally a question we ask ourselves as we assume they are the same, but it is far from it. Alset Partners are operating from a talent perspective and working with businesses to increase their talent pool and in turn increase growth and profitability.

If you ask business owners and we have – “what is your biggest barrier to growth?” in the top three of all answers will be PEOPLE and the perceived lack of talent in our sector.

However Alset Partners aim to stop that perception by working closely with businesses to define, understand and attract talent to their respective operations, whether that is in sales, operations, design, project management or senior management Alset Partners have a unique understanding to be able to offer the correct advice on where that talent lies, what will cost your business and develop a plan of how we will attract those people to your company for the long term, working in partnership with you.

By working closely with your business we can quickly identify what you are looking for in terms of skillset but also as important in terms of personality and cultural fit, Alset Partners want to place people into long term careers within this industry, which we love and we have been involved for over 30 years and want to see it continue to grow and thrive for the next 30 years!

Gone are the days when all the talented people sit waiting on job boards and linkedin for the next opportunity to arrive, lets get creative together and re define the talent you have in your business to call upon every day.