Alset Partners | Are you ‘Alset’ for 2019?
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Are you ‘Alset’ for 2019?

Are you ‘Alset’ for 2019?

2019 is fast approaching, and most businesses are getting ready for the new year with new work plans.

It is important that as a business, you are aware of your progress in the last 12 months and are able to evaluate your performance by picking out all of the positive things you did and the things that may need a little work.

Preparing yourself and your business for next year is vital to ensure that you meet your goals and end targets, which will in turn ensure your customers and clients are happy. However, if you have noticed that there is an area of your business that you think requires extra guidance, Alset Partners might just be able to help.

There are three key areas of business Alset Partners specialise in; talent, development and growth in which we offer professional support by taking the time to understand you and your business and its needs before developing a plan of action that will help drive results and success.

Having gained over 30 years’ experience between both, our directors, Richard and Ian, are able to understand every business they work with by getting to know the staff and how the business operates. From here, our team can then identify any issues and improvements before putting together a structured plan on how to provide an effective solution.

At Alset Partners, we work WITH you to help you achieve your business objectives no matter what kind of foodservice business you work in. Every single individual who works for a business is responsible for the success and growth of the company, and we believe it is important that every department receives the right training and has the right knowledge their job role requires.

Here are some of the areas of business we can help with:

  • Social media management
  • Staff development and recruitment
  • Industry events
  • Controlling costs
  • Sales incentives
  • Tender process management

If you think Alset Partners might be able to help you and your business in 2019, have a look on our main website for more info on areas we can provide support in. If you’d like to get in touch with us, you can contact us on 0207 205 2296 or email

From Richard and Ian, Alset Partners would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!

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