Alset Partners | Happy Birthday Alset Partners!
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Happy Birthday Alset Partners!

Happy Birthday Alset Partners!

It’s been a very busy and productive year for Alset Partners, as we look back on the last 12 months and prepare to celebrate our first birthday!

Believe it or not it’s been a whole year since our directors, Richard Goodchild and Ian Parsons, officially established the business on December 4th, 2017, and it’s fair to say it’s been one rollercoaster of a ride for us!

We’ve had such a fantastic journey in our first 12 months of Alset Partners, and we’ve been overwhelmed with the support and great feedback we’ve received so far.

Being familiar faces in the foodservice industry before Alset Partners was even born, both Richard and Ian had worked for many catering equipment distributors over the years gaining thorough experience and a wide knowledge of the sector.

Working within several facets of the sector from front-of-house jobs at hotels and restaurants to head office jobs such as sales and marketing, Richard and Ian decided to use their expertise and launch a new business that would offer something different to the market.

Ian said: “Having worked across different facets of the industry for many years, Richard and I identified a gap in the market. Our aim is to help and support businesses within the catering equipment industry, allowing them to achieve the success that they desire through solutions they have not yet created themselves. Alset Partners works alongside businesses leaders to help unlock their barriers to allow future growth.”

Intended to offer services in three key areas of the marketplace; business growth, talent acquisition and training and development, Richard and Ian decided to position Alset Partners as the ideal partner for manufacturers, distributors and end users in the foodservice sector.

If you’re not already aware of the three main services we offer, here’s an explanation on how we can help in these areas:

Talent – If it is recruitment you may need help with, Alset Partners can work with you to help find talented individuals who are suited for the job. We can identify what it is you may be looking for in terms of skills, personality and cultural fit, and then search for the right people for your business.

Development – Sometimes in business you may find that you already have a strong team but a little extra help in specific areas could be needed, which is why we offer our bespoke, personalised training service. We offer several training courses, from tailor mentored programmes, high potential programmes and graduate development programmes, covering all aspects of your business, including sales, project management, business development and business culture, to name a few.

Growth – This involves understanding the business at hand to identify any areas of improvement and how we can implement an effective plan to ensure results and success.

Once we know how we can help, we can work with businesses in areas such as understanding the market sector, tender submission, social media, industry events and much more.

In the short time that Alset Partners has been established, Richard and Ian have been able to successfully boost the productivity and success of numerous businesses within the industry, through the recruitment of new staff, support in management areas and the delivery of advice, guidance and training.

Richard added: “We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported the business over the last year, and especially to all of the companies who have chosen to work with Alset Partners during this time. We are looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings and continuing our success into our second year.”

Here’s to a happy and successful second year of business – we hope it’ll be even bigger and better for everyone… Happy Birthday to us!

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