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Controlling Costs

Controlling Costs

Whether you’re a business start-up or a well established firm, company costs are something which need to be carefully controlled at all stages.

Here at Alset Partners we work hard to understand your business needs and goals, and can offer guidance on issues such as controlling costs. Here’s our three top tips:

Analyse everything

From financial statements to day-to-day work schedules, ensuring that you are aware of everything that’s going, which can help you to have a general overview of costs and also help to avoid any nasty surprises.

As a business owner, it can become more and more difficult to be aware of everything that’s happening, especially as your business grows. But dedicating one day a week to getting to grips with all of your in-goings and out-goings can be really beneficial. From this you should be able to track your efficiencies and set realistic goals.

If it helps, share the load with someone else in your team or choose Alset as your partner. We offer effective management consultancy for foodservice industry businesses and can help you get a handle on your costs and much more.

Cut unnecessary costs

It’s extremely easy for businesses to rack up a mountain of unnecessary costs. As mentioned, analysing your business costings is the key to this, so regularly take the time to look at what costs you could potentially cut out.

More and more businesses owners have now made the decisions to go completely paperless, taking all of their paperwork, letters, brochures and more digital. Not only is this great for the environment, but it is also very cost effective, allowing you to cut the costs on paper, printing and other associated costs.

Businesses also often have a number of subscriptions running at one time, whether it’s program licenses, project management systems and more. If you have any of these, evaluate what you use and how often you use them in order for you to cancel the ones you don’t need.

You’ll be surprised the difference that evaluating things like paper use, subscriptions and more can make.

Recruit right

New staff are one of the biggest investment a business can make so it’s important that you are slow in your approach in order to find the right person.

Hiring the wrong person can be detrimental in the long run, having an impact through salary costs, office equipment expenditure and also time and resource. Underperforming employees can really drain a lot of management time and so a full recruitment process needs to undertaken to find the perfect candidate.

As well as management consultancy we can also help you with recruitment. We can work closely with you to determine the type of person you need to grow your talent pool and in turn, growth and profit.

For more information on our management and recruitment services, give us a call on 0207 205 2296 or email

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