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Helping your apprentice grow with your business

Helping your apprentice grow with your business

School or college leavers who are taking on an apprenticeship role can be extremely driven, but they will still need guidance and full support from management and the team as a whole to really flourish.

For businesses who are looking to grow, an apprentice can be a great asset. Not only do you get the chance to develop a young person and shape their skills to suit your business, you will also benefit from the extra resource.

But with this, comes a responsibility to dedicating time to helping your apprentice to grow and progress, leading them onto complete their apprenticeship successfully and setting them up for higher position at the end of their course.

Here are our top tips for ensuring your apprentice grows with your business:

Work on communication

The key to most things, clearly communicating with your apprentice will help them to understand the processes of your business and how your team works. For a young individual starting out in a new role, it can be incredibly intimidating and overwhelming, so it’s vital to introduce to them to each team member individually and help their develop their communication skills.

Give them responsibility

Rather than giving them basic tasks like making tea and coffee or printing and scanning, try and get them on with jobs that are going to challenge them and help them grow. Whether it’s a one off, short task or a long term project, giving your apprentice responsibility over a certain assignment will really help with their confidence levels and give them the skills to apply that to different duties throughout their apprenticeship.

Focus on their progression

An apprenticeship is a great way to train up a member of staff early on, it can really benefit how your business operates and encourage others to apply in the future, so it’s important for apprenticeships to be made aware of the opportunities in front of them. Have regular mentoring meetings with apprentice to asses their work levels, praise them on what they’re doing well and offer constructive criticism, as well as discussing possibilities of promotion in the future.

Do you need help with staff training? Alset Partners offer a range of training programmes which are specially designed to help individuals grow within their roles…

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